Simple preview of a CSS editor

This is the first try to make an online CSS editor. The source is simply formated (structred only) and valid (X)HTML document. The style is linked from an external CSS file and you may edit it via this interface.

It's only a demo - that's why no external documents can be uploaded yet, only the attached test file (test.php) is available now. Every time you visit you obtain an user ID (which is also the name of the temporal CSS file). After reloading, the CSS is lost and you'll start with new empty CSS again.

You can start the editor by clicking a link in the top frame. In the beginning there is only simple page without style (the view stylesheet link has no target yet). Clicking to the edit style the test page will be loaded, having every element active. Clicking on it you can choose the proper element to be styled, select the right selector and edit it's properties. After creating and saving a style the styled page and the stylesheet viewer will be available.

The editor capability is limited yet, just several CSS properties are available. However, the full power of (any version of) CSS can be provided. If someone feels to be strong enough to drive this idea into a meaningful project, please contact me at, or just download the code (ZIP file, 149KB). If you're going to use the idea of the editor, the code, or a part of it, please don't forget to keep my credits and a link to my web site. Thank you.

Last update: July 2004

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