The Dogma W4 - details and explanation

Ad 5. The homepage

The homepage of a web site must clearly convey the objective of that site.

At first sight a visitor must understand, what the presentation is about. The web site must not assume that readers already know, what it is about - every time new visitors come, user may get to the homepage accidentally etc.

Above all it must be clear, what is the web site's purpose. If it is a magazine, presentation of organization/company or web providing any services.

Details: Pay services must not cloak as another presentation type.

When the presentation's purpose is to sell services or products, it must be stated on the homepage (or on the first page of section, when the sale is offered in only one section of the web site). It is not admissible that i.e. presentation, which is at bottom an on-line shop, is introduced as informational magazine and its real purpose is hidden from the user.

Details: Web presentation of organization (company, institution, syndicate etc.) must contain its name, logotype (if used throughout the web site) and contact information (or link to it) on the homepage.

The user must be simply able to identify organization, of which the web pages are, and must not be mistaken by that way of rendering of name and logotype of company, which is advisedly interchangeable with other organization. The same goes to the widely known web sites: no presentation complying the W4D Principles must not purposely copy typical elements, logotypes and visage of other web services and applications. Authors must not prepossess the users with suggesting they are using another web site than they desired.

When the organization uses any of communication channels for public (e-mail, phone, fax, mail address etc.), they must be stated on the homepage, or there must be at least a link to the page containing these information. For many users this may be primary information, they may not be looking for anything else.

It visibly shows the administrator's contact.

Administrator's contact (e-mail and/or phone number of the web administrator or webmaster) must be visibly located (at least) on the homepage. Link in the code (i.e. in the <link> tag) is not sufficient. Contact must be disposable with any of the presentational ways (it must not be for example hidden by JavaScript or CSS) - the user must be able to contact administrator, when a technical problem with using the web occurs.