Let's Favelets

About Favelets

Favelets (or bookmarklets, or favemarklets) are browser's favorites (bookmarks) linked to a javascript code. Activating such bookmark will cause executing this code (instead of loading new page, like regular bookmarks do). Everyone familar with Javascript can create his/her own favelets, many are available on the Internet.

If you find an interesting and useful favelet, just right-click it's link in the browser and choose Add to Favorites (or Save (as) bookmark or similar) from the contextual menu. The favelet will be stored in your browser's Favorites (Bookmarks). Next time, when you activate it, it's code is executed and causes the action which is designed for.

My Favorite Favelets

Checking the Code

Following favelets send the displayed document to another website which will proccess it (in new window).

Styles and Stylesheets

Page Design

Following favelets can change only properties of the document. Style of its elements may be set by CSS. You may use a stylesheet switching (see above) before applying these favelets.

Page Info

Browser Window

To let these favelets work, the javascript moving/resizing of windows mustn't be disabled in your browser.


More Favelets

Important Note

This page is less accessible and has not valid XHTML code due to the amount of Javascript code contained in favelets' links. Thanks for your understanding.

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